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Move to France : What to watch for when leaving Belgium?

Calling a professional mover to organize your move has become essential, especially if you want to move from one country to another. To plan your departure to France in an efficient way, think to call on an approved company specialized in moving. This will guarantee a move executed according to the regulations. Maison Genné, your reference in removals across Europe, tells you what advice is needed to find a mover that best suits your needs.

Moving from Belgium to France: check the company you are contacting

The first thing to do when you want to move to France is to know who you are dealing with. In particular, you must check the valid authorization of the company which certifies that the company can lawfully carry on its business removals.

Indeed, since it is an activity regulated and governed by the law, it is important to contact a moving company that offers tailored and professional moving services. You will avoid unpleasant surprises. The companies specialized in moving must in any case be:

  • On the Register of Commerce and Companies
  • On the official list of freight carriers

The objective here is to verify not only the professionalism of the institution, but also its compliance with the standards and regulations that govern the moving profession.

To leave Belgium to live in France, choose a company close to you

If you have decided to make a move from Belgium to France, consider choosing a company located near you. This will assure that you benefit from a fair quote that excludes you from distance-related pricing. Your mover can easily carry out a site visit and can then advise you on the necessary means to ensure your move to France. After having observed the architecture of your home as well as the furniture that you will carry with you, your mover will determine an exact and fair estimate.

Choose the type of service required for your move to France

On your checklist move, do not forget to specify the tasks to delegate to your moving company. You will have the choice between a partial or total service according to your budget, but also your availability. Your mover will offer you the choice between the different types of services, ranging from standard to a luxury offer. Remember to choose the formula that best suits your situation, especially since most people who leave Belgium to France opt for standard offer. With this offer, you can benefit from a quality move at an affordable price.

Would you like to move from Belgium to France with your mind at peace? Ask for Maison Genné!

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