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Furniture storage service

No more room for your furniture? You can entrust it to us with your eyes closed!

Unlike self-storage (individual hangars that are dear to rent), the Maison Genné offers you a perfectly reliable service that is a lot less expensive.

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Genné furniture storage :  When?

Furniture may have to be stored in a wide number of cases :

  • You have just inherited a lot of furniture you cannot possibly store yourself;
  • You are building a house, but construction has fallen behind schedule and you have to leave your previous home;
  • You are moving abroad but cannot take all your furniture along;
  • Your new home has less space than the previous one:  you therefore have to store a part of your belongings; 
  • Your household situation has changed and the new joint home is too small to house all the belongings you had separately;

In all these cases, flexible and reliable furniture storage is required.  The Maison Genné has such a service to make life easier and to spare you a lot of worries. 

We devise furniture storage as follows:

To make it easier for you to use the furniture storage service:To make it easier for you to use the furniture storage service:

  • A container is brought to you and the contents are stored on location;
  • The furniture storage container is sealed with lead;
  • The furniture storage container is stored in our secured warehouse;
  • You have to inform us in advance when you want to gain access to your belongings so that we can arrange for you to access your stored furniture.

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