Charter of quality

  • Respect : Maison Genné treats all people with consideration and kindness. We demonstrate respect for ourselves, our colleagues, our customers and their possessions. This is manifested by politeness towards one and all, attentiveness to everyone, the care we take in our work, whatever it may be, and our respect for deadlines, etc.
  • Precision and organisation : Our staff manages each job with precision. We demonstrate good organisation in all aspects of our work, whether in terms of planning or in the field. The proper follow-up of each job enables us to make the various bookings at the right time, to prepare the necessary documents and to plan the right resources for each move.
  • Honesty : Our company acts with honesty on all levels. We know and enforce the law, both in terms of vehicle and equipment compliance and at administrative level. We comply with the rules laid down by the Belgian Chamber of Movers. Each Maison Genné staff member accomplishes his or her tasks with integrity, so our customers can entrust their move to us with complete peace of mind.
  • Mutual aid : Maison Genné’s operations are based on teamwork, with all of us pulling together. Each person's actions affect the team as a whole, so we endeavour to facilitate everyone's work. Mutual aid and good relationships within the team mean that work can be finished quicker, communications are more flexible and each person's skills can be managed more effectively.
  • System : We work in accordance with an established structure and method. In the event of problems, we examine which part of our system we need to improve, instead of seeking out individuals to blame. It is important for everyone to follow the rules of the system and to contribute to their improvement.
  • Individual recognition : Maison Genné treats each person as an individual. By means of personalised communication and consistency in following up on each job, the customer feels unique. Valuing each team member involves having individual knowledge of them and their skills, trusting them and acknowledging all of their successes, whether large or small.
  • Enjoyment : Our company offers a pleasant working environment and strives to ensure a good work/life balance for its staff. If we are enjoying ourselves, we like to share it with our colleagues and our customers by means of a positive, enthusiastic attitude.
  • Commitment : Our involvement is expressed via the acceptance of responsibility, discipline, the focusing of our energy on our work, and the constant desire to learn more in order to better serve the company's interests. We communicate positively about Maison Genné, both on the job and off.
  • Communication : Thanks to clear, appropriate, available and up-to-date communication, we ensure the effective monitoring of each move. Customers are kept informed about the slightest details at each stage of their job, and our staff know what equipment and resources to deploy at what time, in order to ensure optimised management, every step of the way.
  • Listening : Maison Genné always listens to its customers and their varied requests, in order to deal with each one on an exclusive and personal basis and to complete each job as precisely as possible. Whether positive or negative, we listen to anything the customer has to say and we always leave the door open to dialogue. Each team member will also, if required, find an attentive ear for any concerns they might have, whether professional or personal.
    Empathy and discretion: Each job is treated with discretion and empathy. We understand that individual situations vary. We respect our customers' private lives during visits and when handling their possessions, and we maintain the confidentiality of their data.
  • Flexibility : All moves can be stressful, and unforeseeable events can arise. Our company strives to be flexible in order to respond to the situations that our customers encounter, by offering them alternatives when the unforeseen occurs, as well as a wide variety of services (moves to the other side of the world, etc.). Thanks to the high availability of our staff and resources, a good overview of up-to-the-minute scheduling and clear communication, we can deal flexibly with each job.
  • Stability : Maison Genné has been in business since 1931, and the consistent quality of our moving operations has helped forge our reputation. Our stability instils confidence in our customers. We prefer long-term employment, rather than hiring to meet demand, so our customers deal with stable teams in line with Maison Genné's vision. Our return customers will therefore deal with the same contact persons with whom they have already established a trust-based relationship.
  • Speed and efficiency : Everything is in place within our company to ensure that the requested work is performed quickly and efficiently. Responding to our customers' requests in the shortest possible time is one of our priorities. We also strive to ensure that the resources made available to our staff are fit-for-purpose and operational, enabling them to complete their tasks on time, whether at administrative level or in the field.
  • Professionalism and quality : Our staff are properly trained, and each team member has good knowledge of their duties and therefore complete them with professionalism. Maison Genné stands out from other firms due to the quality of its services, which is the central focus of all team members, and due to its personalised approach to each moving job. Every member of staff is competent and performs his or her tasks with the greatest care and seriousness, in order to ensure a high-quality service, right from the first contact through to the last step of each move.
  • Profitability : We select our suppliers both for the quality of their services and their attractive prices. We place the emphasis on solid partnerships which are in our customers' interest. The profitability of Maison Genné's activities enables us to make the necessary investments that ensure the best level of service and meet the varied requests of our customers, while still offering optimum value for money.

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