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Moving in Europe

You can count on our expertise to move you to the four corners of the old continent

Moving to the other end of Europe cannot be improvised.  Anticipation is just as important in such a case as when moving within the same country.  In this situation, it is important to have a professional mover who will take care of the logistics of your move, but also the legal constraints relating to the travel of your belongings.

Moving in Europe: Maison Genné controls the time factor

When moving in Europe, the time and distance factors change radically, compared with a “national” move.

Nevertheless, Maison Genné can undertake to stick to the schedule of your moving in Europe to the day or even to the hour.  In certain cases, we use two drivers for your move, so as not to lose time.

Moving in Europe:  We know the local legislation of each country !

Déménagement en Europe : la Maison Genné maitrise le facteur temps.When moving to the other end of Europe, a thorough knowledge of the local legislation is needed, particularly as regards traffic.  Trucks are prohibited from using the motorway network on certain specific days of the week.  As these rules vary from country to country, moving without knowledge of the local regulations may cause you to lose precious time. When you rely on the extensive expertise of Maison Genné, you can rest assured that unforeseen eventualities have been duly considered. 

Moving in Europe safely: the same team packs and unpacks your belongings.

To take the greatest care of your belongings, but also to gain time, we make it a point to have the same teams pack and unpack your belongings when you move anywhere in Europe. 

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Are you an EU civil servant ?

Maison Genné will see to all the formalities

EU civil servantDo you work for the European Union?  Thanks to its extensive experience on the matter, Maison Genné can see to all the administrative formalities for this type of move with your employer.  Do not hesitate to contact us for more information!

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