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Moving in Belgium

With Genné, move your life with peace of mind!

It’s a stroke of luck, in Belgium:  Given the small size of the “flat country,” moving for private individuals by Maison Genné will take only one day – perhaps two at most, in certain more exceptional cases. 

Moving in Belgium:  Unbeatable value for money.

With Genné, move your life with peace of mind!Calling on the services of Maison Genné, means opting for unbeatable value for money.  People at times have the wrong impression that handling their own moving would mean substantial savings.  

Wrong :  Experience shows that the number of trips you would have to make, as well as countless unforeseeable details, will make you lose time and money.

Capitalise on our experience to move while staying within your budget

With Maison Genné, everything is possible when it comes to moving.  You can opt for a simple transport of your personal belongings, for a turnkey moving (with dismantling and reassembling of your furniture, packing and unpacking of your personal effects).  That is where our strength lies:  We adapt perfectly to your budget, while applying recognised standard quality criteria.

Moving even on a Saturday?  It is possible, with Genné!

A quality mover can provide services on Saturday and even during the entire weekend.  That is way Maison Genné can see to your moving even on Saturday.

Capitalise on our moving experience. Call us, and we will move you within 48 hours.

Capitalise on our moving experience. Call us, and we will move you within 48 hours.Some unforeseen moves or particular situations may force you to contact us at the last minute.  Even though the ideal moving is prepared several weeks in advance, Genné can be at your service within 48 hours of the signing of the contract.

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