How do you choose where to store your furniture in Brabant Wallon?

Are you looking for a storage space to store your goods during a move? Are you renovating your home? Or do you simply need to free up some space? There are different options to store your personal effects. Maison Genné, an expert in moving, explains the criteria to take into account to choose a storage unit in Brabant Wallon.

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When to resort to a storage service?

You cannot move into your new apartment yet and the old one is already rented? Are you renovating your home? Do you want to make some room at home? All these reasons can involve the need to find a place to store your furniture. For all these cases, the storage unit is the ideal solution.

What storage solutions are available to you?

Before renting a unit or a storage container, you must determine the total volume of the furniture and the duration of the storage. You have the choice between traditional storage managed by professionals and self-storage.

Some companies can bring a container to your home and store content on site. The storage container is then deposited in the company’s secure warehouse. Its access is generally by appointment only.

What is the difference between a traditional storage unit and self-storage?

As part of renting a traditional storage unit, you entrust your personal effects and you only have access to them when you eventually take them out. In the meantime, access to the furniture is generally possible by appointment only.

With self-storage, on the other hand, you generally store your property yourself in an individual box. You have access to it during the establishment’s opening hours or even at any time of the day.

Box, storage container, traditional storage rental: what criteria would help you make your choice?

The choice of your temporary storage solutions depends on several elements :

  • The duration of the storage: if you store your furniture for a long time and you do not need to access your personal effects, the traditional storage unit is the right solution. It is less expensive.
  • Time flexibility, proximity and access: if you need to have regular access to your personal effects than self-storage is for you. This formula provides free access to your personal effects generally 24/7. If you are considering this option, it is also better to favour a place near your home.
  • Safety and preservation: a storage unit has the advantage of offering a secure space for the protection of your personal effects. It is generally equipped with an alarm, a video surveillance system or a guard service.
  • The level of surveillance and storage conditions (temperature and humidity must remain a constant) are two of the essential criteria for the preservation of your personal effects, regardless of the storage solution: box, container…

Do you need more information about our storage service in Brabant Wallon?

Maison Genné offers you secure, flexible and reliable storage services. For more information, you can contact us by phone or via our online form.

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