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Grouping: journey optimisation for your moves to the South of France

For your move to the South of France, good preparation is important. For this project, it may be useful to use a solution known as grouping, particularly in order to reduce your transport costs. In this article, Maison Genné, explains why you should use grouping for your relocation from Belgium to the South of France.

Organise your move to the South of France: our tips

Happy familly during their movingWhatever the reason behind your move to the South of France, you need to plan your move meticulously. So, how do you go about planning an efficient, stress-free move in Europe?

The best solution for your relocation remains to engage the services of professionals. Always look for a removals company that is certified by the Belgian Chamber of Movers (Chambre Belge des Déménageurs). Thanks to their professionalism and in-depth knowledge of moving, these providers will no doubt advise you, certainly for a destination as popular as the South of France, to  opt, if possible, for grouping for the transport of your personal effects.

Grouping: the economical solution for transporting your property to France

Grouping, it’s basically carpooling for your move. It's more economical and more ecological. Grouping consists of grouping personal effects to be transported together with someone else's things, or with other goods, in order to complete a shipment that is already scheduled to leave for the same destination. The grouping of removals is a system that is offered by various Belgian companies, which is useful when small volumes need to be transported.

In addition to respecting the allocated volume, you have to be able to be patient and flexible. After all, we know when we give our goods to the movers, when we either bring them ourselves to the removals company, or they come to pick them up at our home to store them before departure. But we do not know on what date they will be transported.

In addition, destinations deemed too difficult to access are prohibited from grouping, as are very fragile goods which are liable to break during transport. So be sure to provide an alternative solution. In these situations, specifically: you can opt for a customised removals service!

Take advantage of our grouping services for your move to the South of France

Would you, too, like to take advantage of our grouping services for relocations to the South of France? Contact our experts today via the online form, or by telephone, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.