Which packing material should you choose for your move in Brabant Walloon?

When you move, you have to be attentive to the packing material used so that your belongings are not damaged or broken during their move. Hiring a professional for advice would be a good idea. Maison Genné, a moving and packaging materials expert in Brabant Walloon, explains which packing material to favor and the advantages of certain boxes.

What packing materials should you use to move ?

Choose the right packing material for your moveThere are a lot of things to think about before moving in Belgium. The material you are going to use is one of them. Preparing a moving kit several weeks before the fateful date can limit your last-minute expenses. Here is what you absolutely need to have :

  • Tape : necessary to close your boxes and to ensure that nothing falls out or moves around during the move, you should use professional tape to be sure that it does not break
  • Marker : marking your boxes will make your life and that of the movers easier when it comes time to put everything in the truck or in your new home. Indicate the contents as well as the destination of the box (bedroom, kitchen, etc.)
  • Utility knife : it is ideal for opening boxes. Be careful not to hurt yourself
  • Rigid bins : perfect for transporting fragile objects, they are easier to stack in the truck
  • Bubble wrap : this has two uses: to surround fragile objects to protect them or to fill the spaces in the boxes. However, if your budget does not allow it, newspaper will do
  • Covers : they will be used to protect the furniture when moving. The risk of dings, dents and shocks are high and your favorite furniture may be damaged if you do not cover it

Advantages of seeking advice from a professional mover

The moving professional’s opinion is always interesting to have when preparing to move. They are able to advise you on how to pack your belongings so that they arrive in one piece at their destination. They can also give you advice on the type of cardboard to use during your move. There are several :

  • Cardboard glasses : as their name suggests, these boxes are perfect for transporting glasses, but also spices jars, etc.
  • Boxes for plates : they allow you to arrange the plates like in the dishwasher, limiting the risk of them breaking
  • Boxes for laundry : these have the same dimensions as the cabinet drawers, making it easy to store your clothes, etc.
  • Boxes for books : stronger than other boxes, but just as light, they ensure that the books are not damaged during transport

Would you like to have the opinion of a professional about the type of packing material to use?

Maison Genné, local moving specialists in Brabant Walloon, will be happy to answer your questions. Contact us via the online form or by phone.

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