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How to determine the cost of a move in the Walloon Brabant region?

The price of your move in Walloon Brabant will depend on how you want to move. Indeed, if you want to move your things yourself, the move will involve some risk. However, if you call a professional mover, you benefit from an optimal moving service. How to move in Walloon Brabant efficiently and for the best price? Maison Genné, your moving company for transportation of property throughout Belgium, gives you their answers in the lines that follow.

Moving on your own: why it is not recommended in Walloon Brabant?

Girl with a calculator and moving boxes

Many are seduced by the Do-It Yourself move formula because it is more affordable in terms of costs. This idea is tempting, however, you would then have to work as a professional mover. You will need to plan a checklist of the equipment needed, have a pair of strong arms, and some sense of accuracy. All these qualities that you can easily be found with a specialized moving company.

In addition, if your plan to move from Nivelles to Wavre for example, you expose your furniture to the risk of major damage during the transport. It will indeed be longer and may suffer more damage if your storage has not taken place in due form. In the end, a move to Brabant Walloon by its own means can cost you a lot!

Moving to Nivelles, Braine-l’Alleud, Wavre or Waterloo: why hire a professional?

Whether you decide to contact a moving company to Waterloo, Nivelles, Braine-l’Alleud or Wavre, the first step will be to look for the best quality price report. Indeed, from one provider to another, prices can change dramatically. So, to avoid extra billing, think about comparing the cost applied by each provider.

Also consider checking the services offered by your mover that are ready included in the invoice. In addition, if you want to receive the best value, it would be better if you contacted a local moving company to move in Brabant Walloon.

Nevertheless, do not simply aim to save money: sometimes, asking for a high-end move allows you to obtain strong guarantees for the transport of your personal effects. This will allow you to move with a clear conscience and enjoy a quality and secure storage of goods during the move. Finally, check at the same time the pricing method used by the company, if it applies a flat rate depending on the square meter or by the hour.

Move to Waterloo, Nivelles, Wavre or Braine-l’Alleud in a serene and efficient way?

Ask for a free quote for your move in the Walloon Brabant to our teams by contacting us via our online form or by phone. Genné, your moving company based in Belgium for many years, will make every effort to respond to your request as soon as possible.