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A bespoke international move

Whether for family or work reasons, you might one day need to up sticks for the other side of the world. Once you’ve decided on the spot where you’ll be laying your hat, it will be time to think about the removals process, because an international move requires very careful planning. Once your possessions are all packed up, there are still numerous procedures to complete before they can be sent overseas.

With Maison Genné, the removals experts, you’ll benefit from the tailored organisation of your international move and be free to choose from the many services offered by company to ensure a stress-free move.

The customer’s needs at the heart of the moving process

Proper preparation for an international move is a fairly complex task, so the assistance of a professional will make life much simpler. Maison Genné will take charge of the whole of your move and deal with all the procedures: protection of furniture and packaging of your things, loading of containers, customs formalities, transportation by ship (or by plane, if applicable)… Once in the destination country, your possessions will be taken charge of by a local partner, which will also deal with the customs formalities, as well as unpacking and installation. This is what’s known as “door-to-door” removals.

If you prefer, you can choose to handle a particular stage of your move yourself. That’s no problem, as Maison Genné will produce a precise estimate in which the customer’s wishes are always respected.

Additional non-removals assistance

Need to move to a foreign country for work but don’t have time to deal with the practical details such as finding a place to live, a school for the kids or arranging a rental car for the first few months? Maison Genné can take care of all this for you, via an additional assistance option for international moves. Our “relocation pack” puts the customer in touch with contacts in the destination country who will be able to arrange all their requirements. This offers considerable time savings for the busiest people.
Planning a foreign move? Then get in touch with Maison Genné removals today, either to request a quote or for no-nonsense advice.