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Personalised services

The Maison Genné will take care of your move and all the rest!

The Maison Genné will take care of your move and all the rest! Cleaning before and/or after.  The Maison Genné provides quality moving services in Belgium, Europe and beyond. Nevertheless, for the transition to transpire under optimal conditions, we provide several services upon request to make the experience as pleasant as possible.

Here is a (non-exhaustive) list of our personalised services for your move. 

Cleaning before and/or after the move.

Leave your former home clean and tidy after you go?  Or prepare the new home where you are going to live?  Our teams are at your disposal upon request.

Moving vehicles

The Maison Genné has specific technical equipment to move all your cars if you should deem it necessary.

Sale of packaging materials for moving.

Cleaning before and/or after the move. The Maison Genné has selected a dozen quality cardboard packaging models for you.  Go to the specific page devoted to the topic on the website, or come to get these packages directly from our shop.  Perfectly adapted for transporting all your objects, they are made of high-quality, ultra resistant cardboard. 

Rental of protective materials

From protective blankets to resistant straps, contact our moving material rental service to prevent things from breaking when you move.

Discover all our moving services for private individuals below.