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Moving from a house in the Prince d’Orange neighbourhood to a residential home in Waterloo

A senior couple living in a large home in Prince d’Orange neighbourhood in Uccle wished to make their daily life easier:

  • Moving into a more functional quality apartment
  • Move closer to their children who live near Waterloo

Their choice for a new home was focused on the Bella Vita, a residential home in Waterloo found in a large park. Their children knew the professionalism of movers for individuals by Maison Genné, were guaranteed for full service even though the move was just a few kilometres away.

Professional furniture storage in Waterloo

Leaving a 450 m2 home for a 150 m2 flat (from triple to simple) requires some furniture sacrifices. This is especially true for residential homes, which provide many benefits for their residents. 

Our clients have a flat with a large bed, a private kitchenette equipped with a refrigerator and oven, and access to lounges to receive their loved ones.  

The residents to Bella Vita can bring small furniture and decorative objects.  However, the larger furniture and household appliances (washing machine, etc.) were no longer needed nor was there any space for them. A well thought out sorting was needed. However, what do you do with furniture that becomes useless?

Another perameter was taken into account: the house was sold faster than planned. Our clients didn’t have enough time to find a new destination for all their personal belongings.

The Maison Genné, used to moving individuals to furniture storage in Rixensart or Waterloo offered different solutions, in consultation with its customers:

Full service moving

The services of a CBD certified mover in Belgium isn’t limited to transporting your personal belongings from one place to another,  that it is in Belgium or overseas. A move by us could include different services, according to your needs.

As we do every time, the same team took charge of the following operations:

  • Furniture disassembly
  • Packing different belongings in appropriate boxes. Some signed paintings represented certain value. They benefited from a specific packing to ensure their protection while transporting. The couple wished on the other hand to unpack the different boxes themselves
  • Identification of boxes with most urgent effects (daily use). These boxes were loaded at the end to be recovered first at the destination. They are isolated during unloading, for the convenience of our customers
  • Installation of a lift front of the three-story house. In addition to access to upper floors, the lift offers the advantage of limiting foot traffic in the house, and therefore of damaging the access (halls, stairs) 
  • After the move, place the paintings in the new residence: the elderly couple didn’t know anyone in the new residence to hang up their paintings. We could take care of it. In this case, we recommend to our clients to live in their new living space to test the natural lighting in different rooms to have a better placement
  • Removing certain belongings from furniture storage: after moving in, the couple found they had additional room to place certain furniture. These items, they couldn’t decide on, were placed at the front of the storage unit to make access easy for just this development

Are you moving from your house in favour for a residential home in Brabant Wallon?

Get in contact with Maison Genné to find out about our services and prices by a certified CBD moving company in the Waterloo and Uccle regions. We are available to give you more details.